About Sun Loan Company in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

At Sun Loan, we’ve built our business by offering installment loans – it’s the financial help you need when you need it most. Over the years, we’ve expanded our services to become a true community resource. Today, you can come to us for a loan, guidance, to have your taxes prepared, rebuild credit, and build financial health. Sun Loan Company is licensed, regulated and audited by all states where we operate and fully complies with all laws and regulations. When you need money for unexpected expenses like utilities, medical bills, home or car repairs, holiday celebrations, and gifts, you can depend on us to help you get the money you need with monthly payments you can afford. Our customers have been the heart and soul of what we do for over 30 years. Many have become like family because trust is the biggest part of our relationship. Your financial health is what we care about. We have over 250 offices, across 7 states.

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Address: 701 Saint John Rd, Shawnee, OK, 74801

Phone: (405) 275-5625

Website: https://www.sunloan.com

Categories: Personal Loans, Installment Loans

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